Monday, September 1, 2008

Dressed Up Denim Lab at Des Moines

Dressed Up Denims

Denim clothing that is decorated...with stitching, appliques, ribbon and trims, and, of course, crystals, is all the rage. Couture clothing by many of the leading designers have picked up this trend in garments of all sizes - from small rompers to elaborate jackets selling for hundreds of dollars.

At this year's AQS Quilt Expo, you can dress up your own denim. Just bring a denim shirt, jacket, jeans, or other garments with you and we'll have a space set up at the show, the Dressed Up Denims Lab, for you to do just that. Some of our vendors with products that you might need will be located nearby. These include Cheri's Crystals, with crystals that are heat set to adhere to the garment; Lollipops Designer Bindings, with binding that can be stitched in a variety of designs; Igolochkoy (Gail Bird), with materials for needlepunching designs, and Laura Murray Designs, with some great fabrics for applique and Paintstiks.

Here's how it works. You can watch demos in their booths to learn the techniques, purchase any supplies you might need, and go to the tables in the Dressed Up Denim Lab to work on your shirt, jacket, or jeans. We'll have some shirts for you to try it on before you begin working on your own jacket.

What fun! You can learn techniques from some of the best and they'll be close by if you have any questions...and you'll end up with your own couture style denims.

Then, be sure to sign up for the Brunch with Laurie Malm on Friday at 9:00 a.m., where we'll have a fashion show of Dressed Up Denims...and you can show off yours too.

Everyone should wear your Dressed Up Denims on Friday at the show.

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