Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paducah Registration Guide

The quilt show staff has been working hard to get the Paducah Registration Guide ready. It went to the printer today.

The online registration will be open next week as soon as our Webmaster gets the links and all of the information uploaded onto our Web site, . Just click on the Show & Contests link at the top of the page.

The past Best of Show winners will be our guests at the 25th Anniversary Celebration. Several of those winners will be teaching too. This will be your opportunity to take classes from some of the best quilters in the world.

If you are looking for lodging for the Paducah show, please go to the Paducah Visitors Bureau's Web site, and click on the AQS Quilt Show, then look for the AQS Approved Accommodations list. You will see that most of the hotels in the city are already filled.

Another option for lodging is the AQS Home Bed & Breakfast where local homeowners open up their guest rooms to house more quilters in the city. This program starts February 1, when you can call 1-800-PADUCAH to request the AQS Home Bed & Breakfast form. If you are an AQS member, they will find you lodging in this program.

Wednesday night will be the 25th Anniversary Celebration & Reception at the Four Rivers Center. This will be the night when the 2009 winners receive their awards (not Tuesday night like we have been doing), we'll honor all 25 of the Best of Show winners, and more surprises. Thursday evening will be Alive on Stage: 30 Years of Eleanor Burns, and Friday night will be Ricky Tims in Concert to help celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Make your plans now to be in Paducah for this extra special show, April 22 - 25, 2009!


Anonymous said...

It is hard for a lot of us to get excited about Paducah. Executive Inn "took" our money,we don't know if we have rooms,and we don't want to buy plane tickets until something is final. What a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

The first time I dealt with your online registration was for the Des Moines show and it was horrible!! This one for the Paducah is just as bad. You have a relationship with a college--they should have a better handle on how to do online registrations so use them! There is no way you should have to give your name, address, etc everytime you want to look at the samples for the classes. There is no "grid" so it is tough to see what overlaps. The registration should just be contact and billing info, class numbers and payment info and that's it. People registering shouldn't have to go through pages of class descriptions to get to the end. The way you have it set up is silly in this day and age. Also--I never received an email that the registration was open though I had been assured I would since I'm a member. You guys need to join this century!!!

Bonnie B - The Quilting Tangler said...

Our Webmaster is currently working to get the rest of our information uploaded for the Paducah registration site. He is working on the printable registration guide, which will let you print the whole thing or just sections. It is a chicken or egg thing - whether we get the registration open or whether we get the other information up first. It all takes some time. We'll have it all available soon.

Anonymous said...

I just checked and while I can access a grid of the classes now I STILL can't see photos of class project unless I jump through all the hoops on the registration guide. You guys need to get up to speed with this century!