Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Trip to the Museum of Appalachia

During our planning meeting in Knoxville this week, Terry Guill and I had the opportunity to have lunch and tour the Museum of Appalachia near Knoxville. You know you are in quilters' territory when you see the barn quilt on the front of the building. This design is from one of the quilts in the museum's collection. This is a "must do" event during the 2009 AQS Quilt Expo.

One of the first animals to greet us in the parking lot was this white furry looking chicken. They even have feathers between their toes (ummm, do chickens have toes?)

Look at this beautiful peacock sitting on the rail fence in the garden. We saw a couple peacocks with their tail feathers all spread out but I wasn't close enough to get a photo of that. As quilters we can appreciate the brilliant blues and greens in this magnificent bird.

A peacock eats bread from Terry Guill's hand. The peacocks didn't pay much attention to us as we moved around the grounds. They certainly showed off their brilliant colors in the bright sunshine.

Take a look at this steel guitar made on the top of a wooden ironing board. Now who thinks of these things? You can find out though because the history of the guitar is attached to the ironing board.

Take a look at this embellished guitar. The entire top of the guitar is covered with beads and doodads...just like we quilters might do to our quilts.

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