Friday, October 30, 2009

Denim Day at the Quilt Show

Thursday was Denim Day at the AQS Quilt Expo - Des Moines.

The staff at the Iowa Events Center participated in the AQS Denim Day. They all wore jeans to work on Thursday too.

Laurie Malm, Cheri Meineke-Johnson - Authors of Dressed Up Denim

Laurie Malm and Cheri Meineke-Johnson hosted the The Denim Divas Fashion Show on Thursday afternoon. They shared many techniques for jazzing up denim clothing for all ages. Quilters also shared their dressed-up denim and the audience chose their favorites.

Those who attended the fashion show voted for Viewer's Choice - the winner won a $100 gift certificate from Cheri's Crystals. Three tied for second and they each also won a prize. We'll do this again in 2010, so use your favorite quilting technique to dress up your denim and register for the fashion show. All of the winners are show above with Laurie Malm and Cheri Meineke-Johnson.

Cheri Meineke-Johnson added some bling to this little girl's outfit. Check out your local thrift stores, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army for denim to dress up.

Kelly Meyer holds "Nanner" dog, the quilt show team's mascot. Nanner even had its own custom-made jeans and jacket, designed and stitched by Marcelle Cashon.

Marcelle Cashon shows off her jeans and denim jacket - she used fabric backed with fusible and cut out the motifs, with crystals added for some bling.

Viewer's Choice winner used needlepunching to decorate her denim jacket.

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