Friday, August 27, 2010

Terri Tope: Quilting – In Her Own Words

Quilting has been my joy, and sharing it has been one of my greatest pleasures. It seems likeI have sewn all my life – starting with doll clothes and then on to 4-H clothing projects. It wasn't until being put on bed rest while pregnant with my oldest daughter that the quilting bug really took effect. Out of that tiny first apartment came some wonderful quilts and a huge learning curve. 

I have been predominately a quilter for 27 years, and try to stitch a little every single day. I do have a quilting studio that I work from and love – it's my organized chaos. After taking over the formal living room and dining room of our older Worthington, Ohio home, a couple of rooms rarely used are now full of life and fabric. A cutting counter from a local quilt shop that went out of business is the centerpiece of the workspace. It is huge, but also on wheels, with plenty of storage underneath! I don't know how I quilted without it.

When asked about my quilting specialty, my favorite response to give is that "I wear my scarlet letter with pride. I APPLIQUE!" Being a bit dyslexic and due to its shear repetitive nature, piecing is not one of my favorite things to do. (Understatement) In fact it gives me hives and I only do it under duress… just kidding. I currently am on this reverse appliqué adventure and it is taking me to some pretty neat places.

#35502 No Sew Gift Bag
Several years ago I played around with some fusible web and created the "no sew gift bag", which is one of my classes in Des Moines. I was signed up to go with my guild to go on a retreat in the Amish area of Ohio (Holmes County) and decided to use my friends as guinea pigs to test my bag directions. We were rolling along with my little trial class quilt well until we needed to press our bag under weight – a phone book works great. The Amish do not have phones and therefore no phone books were to be found. Our solution... fourteen ladies were pressing their bags by sitting on them under their bed pillows. This gave us some great pictures! Needless to say directions did contain a few corrections. 

Please plan to join us for some great new classroom experiences in Des Moines!

Terri is teaching the following classes at the Des Moines show in October….#33103 Spring Symphony Needle-turn Appliqué; #33503 Reverse Appliqué Lettering; and #35502 No Sew Gift Bag

Click here to register online or call Laura Davis, AQS Registration Coordinator, at 270-898-7903 ext.132 to register by phone.

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