Sunday, December 5, 2010

Progress on Executive Inn Demolition

We are seeing more progress on the demolition of the Executive Inn now. Here are some photos that I took this week.

You can now see that they have removed a whole section of the building, with part of the roof hanging precariously on the back section. There are gates around the hotel so only the workers (with hard hats) can be in the demolition zone.

They have punched holes in the front of the next section too.
The Silver Saddle is now nearly gone - just a few supports and the roof. They will be making a new entrance into the convention center along the wall where these two buildings were joined.

We will be posting a map of the AQS Bus Stop and additional parking areas as soon as it is finished.

We'll post more photos as the demolition progresses so you can see too!


lissa said...

How exciting to see the work begin!

Unknown said...

WOW It's bittersweet to see the inn coming down!... I had somewhat gotten used to the basement vendors and the staleness of the hotel decor (lol)...I've been attending the quilt show for 12+ years and look forward to the possibility of staying in a new fresh hotel on the river! I am certain this long-time-in-coming construction project will have a most POSITIVE impact on the City of Paducah and the quilt show attendance!