Thursday, June 3, 2010

Demolition of the Executive Inn - Lastest News

Many of you have been wondering what is going to happen to the Executive Inn that is attached to the Julian Carroll Convention Center here in Paducah. Today Patrick Kerr wrote an article in the Center's Conventional Wisdom newsletter. I thought you would like to read the "real" word on what is happening.

The Demolition Of The Adjacent Hotel
The highlighted (pink) area shows the portion of the Hotel that is slated for demolition. 
The Convention Center, along with the River Ballrooms (formally the International Rooms) 
and all the upstairs meeting rooms will remain.

That Cook

What’s the real story?
What’s coming down? What’s not?
It seems that just about everyone knows the Executive Inn Hotel, which is adjacent to the Julian Carroll Convention Center, is slated for demolition. However, there seems to be a fair amount of confusion as to exactly how the Hotel will be razed, when the demolition will begin and exactly what part will be torn down.
Because the Hotel is physically attached to the Convention Center, we thought we would take a few paragraphs to clear up some misconceptions and, more importantly, assure our clients and potential clients, that the Convention Center is here to stay, newly renovated and ready to host your next event!

So, let’s address those misconceptions one at a time: 

How Will The Hotel Be Demolished?
Here at Conventional Wisdom, we have heard everything from "blown up" to "pushed into the river." When all is said and done, the actual demolition of the Hotel will be pretty anti-climatic. Demolition will be done over the course of several months with clawed cranes and bulldozers. The work will begin at the Convention Center and construction crews will work their way toward the south parking lot near the Farmer’s Market downtown. The Hotel will not be imploded and it will take some time to complete the tear down.

When Will This All Start?
Razing of the Hotel will begin around the end of this summer. The first few days will be spent “surgically” removing the Hotel from the south wall of the Convention Center and then work will continue toward downtown. After the Hotel is separated from the Convention Center, repair work on the wall that connected the two buildings will begin. Disruption to the Convention Center will be minimal. Further, demolition work on the Convention Center end of the Hotel will not be done on days when meetings or events are being held in the facility. On those days, construction crews will do their best to keep the work on the far end of the site.

What’s Going To Happen To The “International Rooms?”
The simple answer is, Absolutely Nothing! If you take a look at the photo accompanying this article, you will see where Hotel demolition will begin. The old Silver Saddle also will be razed. The Convention Center, the Ballroom, the small meeting rooms across the hall, the Atrium Lobby, and the downstairs meeting rooms will not be torn down. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t been in the Convention Center in the last year or so, you probably haven’t seen the multi-million dollar renovation that includes the entire Convention Center space.

What Does All This Mean For The Convention Center?
In the long run, the Convention Center will be in great shape and will be an important part of a new complex that will include a first-class downtown hotel. In the short-term, the construction and demolition of the old Hotel will have very little impact on the Convention Center and will in no way hinder events already planned or future events that have been waiting to book because of the uncertainty surrounding the Hotel. 

And, so now you have heard the real story (article used with permission) about the demolition of the Executive Inn from J. Patrick Kerr, Executive Director of the Paducah-McCracken County Convention and Expo Center. That will be a step in the right direction.

Bonnie Browning
Executive Show Director, AQS


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