Monday, July 7, 2008

Introducing the new AQS Blog - AQS Quilt News

Quilters from around the world call our office every day with questions. This new Blog will make it easier for us to answer those questions in a timely manner and to share the latest news in the quilting world with you.

Many of you are asking about the renovations of the Executive Inn. We will be bringing you photos to show the progress of the renovation of the hotel and also of the Julian M. Carroll Convention Center. Check back regularly to see what's happening with the renovations.

Demolition has begun for the remodeling of the hotel rooms. All 400 rooms are supposed to be completed in time for the show - along with the restaurants and the Showroom. Space Coast Hospitality Management Services is now managing the hotel. Space Coast Hospitality manages more than 20 hotel properties around the country and knows how important it is to provide quality facilities and service. We will all look forward to both of these.

The Executive Inn is now accepting applications for the lottery for rooms; deadline for receipt of that Room Application and your check or money order is July 28, 2008. If you need a 2009 Room Application, go to the AQS Web site to print a copy of the form: .

Mark AQS Quilt News as one of your Favorites, and check back often!

Bonnie Browning
Executive Show Director


Anonymous said...

I haven't called but was on my 2-do list. I need info about what is happening in TN re: Nashville AQS show and the Knoxville show. Will Nashville be canceled? Every other year? Where can I get the facts? FYI: We (bunch of quilter buddies) don't like Knoxville because of difficulty in getting around. Moonbeam

kcdi said...

I know that the management last year was new, was it switched over to someone new again?
I look forward to seeing the pics of the renovations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all the sweat and tears that went in to this. I would miss the convenient location of the Executive Inn and the great views of the river! Updating and improving the safety of the rooms is overdue, of course, and will be a real treat! Thanks again and see you in the Spring!

Anonymous said...

Well done! I'm so glad you all did the hard work to get things moving and improved at the convention center and hotel... I know it will be a plus not just for the AQS show, but for the city as a whole!

Congrats, and

Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

I am very upset that you are canceling the Nashville Quilt show and moving it to Knoxville. If this happens, I will not renew my AQS membership and I most definitely will not travel to Knoxville. I have many friends who feel the same way. This is a big mistake you are making. Nashville is a much better location. Whoever made this decision will regret it and I am saddened to think that we will lose the Opryland Show.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone who sent money in for the Executive Inn lottery for 2009 heard anything back? They cashed my check but I have received no information via email or the SASE that we were required to provide.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Knoxville. Good tie-in for vacationers to Smokies and Blue Ridge.