Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Work Progresses on the New Pavilion

Last night I drove by the location of the Pavilion in downtown Paducah and stopped to snap a photo to keep you all up to date. They  now have the concrete floor poured - it is covered here with plastic to protect it from some rain that was in the forecast.

The Pavilion will arrive soon. Watch for another update the week of March 29 - after we return from the Lancaster show.


Tom said...

Looks terriffic. We can't wait!

Joy said...

I hope they poured a good wide ramp that is not to steep so we can unload and load with ease.

Latest News from AQS said...

There will be a garage-like extension on the back of the Pavilion for loading/unloading. As soon as they have it up, I'll post some photos.