Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Executive Inn is Falling Down, Falling Down

This week I decided to give you a different perspective on the demolition of the Executive Inn in Paducah. Caryl Bryer Fallert's studio/shop/home is located just two blocks from the Executive Inn. I visited Caryl to see how the hotel looked from her home.
Note: You can make the photos larger by clicking on them.

From Caryl Fallert's second level back porch, you can see the first and second floors
of the hotel disappearing from the last remaining section - the pool end of the hotel.

This view is from behind Caryl's home, shot with a wide angle lens.
You can see one small section still there on the left - this is where the adjoining wall
with the Convention Center is being worked on so they haven't yet removed all of that
section of the hotel. The restaurant, shops, and the center lobby sections  of
the hotel have been completely removed now.
I asked Caryl how she felt about the Executive Inn coming down. She said, "it can't come down fast enough. It is so nice to be able to see across the (Ohio) river into Illinois. It will be nice for the people of Paducah to have use of that section of the riverfront. The river is a great asset for Paducah and the new marina there will make a big difference."

This week on Facebook I saw a picture of the demolition that was taken by photographer Glenn Hall; he gave me permission to share his photo which he titled A Room with a View... and here it is.

This view is from the convention center looking toward the pool end of the hotel. You see piles of rubble where the building has been torn down. They are recycling as many materials as they can from this huge building, including the concrete.

Next, I stopped in Schultz Park to give you a view from the pool end of the hotel.

You can see the first and second floors of the pool section disappearing from this angle.
That's all of our photos for today. Soon we should be able to show you photos without any hotel at all. What happens next to this property? During the quilt show in April we will be using this area for additional parking. After the demolition is complete, the City will be entertaining proposals from developers to build a new hotel in downtown Paducah.

Don't forget to register for the Paducah quilt show. You can register online or call 270-898-7903 and ask for Quilt Show Registration.

If you still need lodging for the Paducah show, the AQS Home Bed & Breakfast application is now available. Click here to go directly to the online AQS Home B&B application form. This program is coordinated by the Paducah-McCracken County Convention & Visitor's Bureau - if you have questions about the program, call 1-800-PADUCAH.

Bonnie Browning
Executive Show Director


Mary said...

Wow...interesting to see it coming down. I hope whatever they do in the future allows the quilt show to go on forever and just get better. Paducah is the best of all the shows that I've been to, and the closest to home.

Judy V (TN) said...

YEAH! That place was an eye sore and made the quilt show (and Paducah) look bad and kind of shabby. Not to mention the part about more parking...yeah again! Can't wait for this years show!

yajur said...

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