Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winners - AQS It's In the Bag Contest

Thank you to all of the contestants who entered the AQS It's In the Bag Contest. All of the bags are donated to the National Quilt Museum and will be auctioned during the Paducah Quilt Show.

Here are the winners:

Best Bag in the Contest – Marilyn Fromherz, Calimesa, CA

Category #1 Purse - 1st Place Winner – Janet M Scovic, Paisley, Orlando, FL

Category #2 Tote Bag - 1st Place Winner – Maxine Parker, Strawberry Shortcake, Las Vegas, NV

Category #3 Bag Full of Pockets - 1st Place Winner – June Schwierjohn, Posies Full of Pockets, Alton, IL

Category #4 Functional Bag - 1st Place Winner – Jean Dodson, Melon Bag, Arlington, TX

Category #5 Embellished Bag - 1st Place Winner – Marilyn Fromherz, Marilyn Fromherz, Calimesa, CA

Category #6 Green Bag - 1st Place Winner – Irma Dempsey, Quilted Flour Sack Patchwork, Indianapolis, IN

Category #7 Specialty Bag - 1st Place Winner – LynDee Lombardo, Look Whooze Back in Town, Olympia, WA

No entries for Category #8


Anonymous said...

Wish there were photos of the other bags that won awards!!

Anonymous said...

I also would've liked to see the other winners. Maybe you could include them in your next news letter on in your magazine.

Anonymous said...

I agree it would be wonderful to have seen the rest of the winners bags.

Anonymous said...

That's my Mom's bag in the picture! Way to go Mom! It's so beautiful and I am so proud to have you as my Mom! Love, Jennifer

Marilyn Fromherz said...

I am just thrilled to be the Best Bag Winner! What a surprise it was.

Anonymous said...

Would like to have seen the other pictures, not just the one. But way to go winners