Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Careful Packing Saves Quilt

Quilts are being shipped across the country to shows by many of us. One of the most important parts of packing your quilt is to make sure you put it into a plastic bag before putting it in the box. One of our contestants, Barbara, shipped her quilt entry to AQS last week. This photo is how her box arrived in our office. It was totally soaked and was barely intact enough to keep the quilt inside.

When it arrived at AQS, Terry Guill, who handles the quilts, immediately opened the box. The quilt was safe and sound because it had been packed into a plastic bag. Terry called Barbara to let her know the condition of her box and to make sure everything that was shipped was still in the box, and that her quilt was dry.

This is a lesson we all can learn from. While normally it is not recommended to pack our quilts inside a plastic bag because moisture can collect on the inside of that bag. It works in reverse too; packing in a plastic bag on a temporary basis for shipping helps to keep the moisture on the outside.

Good going, Barbara. Your quilt arrived safely because you took that extra precaution of protecting your quilt from the elements. We never know when and where your quilt box will be left sitting outside during shipment.
When AQS returns quilts, the quilts (except tubes) are repacked into new, custom quilt boxes. Our quilt boxes have a full layer of cardboard on every flap to help protect your quilts from being cut while opening or from the elements during shipment. You know that old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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