Friday, February 13, 2009

Convention Center Photo Update

Terry Guill and I had the opportunity to enter the "hard hat zone" during the construction at the Julian Carroll Convention Center earlier this week. We want you to see the progress as well. The remodeling is a week ahead of schedule and it will be ready for our 25th Anniversary AQS Quilt Show in April.

As you enter the Julian Carroll Convention Center, you walk into the atrium lobby area. The "moat" around the stairway has now been filled with concrete, giving several feet of space in the lobby.

The classrooms have already been painted and are waiting for the new ceiling tiles to be installed. There will be new lighting in all of the classrooms too.

The hallway is getting a new makeover too. Won't it be fun to see this space all completely remodeled?

You can see in this photo of the exhibit hall how the ceiling has been raised. The quilts will be displayed in this area giving us much better lighting to show off the stars of the show - the quilts!
Here we are inside the exhibit area on the second floor of the convention center. The drywallers have been busy taping some new walls in this area.

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