Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on Ice Storm

Most of our staff is back in the AQS office today. We have resolved the problem we were having with the online registration. However we have lost registration information from Tuesday January 26 until today (February 2). We have the names but no other contact information for these people.

If your name is on this list and you used our online registration during the past week, please contact our office via telephone, 270-898-7903: J. Bryant, L. Cartwright, L. Andrews, N. Lindsey, M. Myers, M. Carr, V. Hermann, C. Hanks, R. Chabot, E. Hutchins, M. Thelen, S. Russell, J. Walsh, K. Daniels, N. Dearing, J. Epperson, J. Massingill, S. Livingston, C. Wanska, P. Zepp, K. Curran, J. Waldrop, C. Grimmer, K. Briggs, L. Meyer, S. Lewis, N. Muskopf, D. Herman, M. Pittman, J. Sanborn, S. Hobbie, S. Creevy, A. Neisler, S. Rogers, C. Anderson, M. Rexford, S. Scherer, J. Norton, B. Meade, L. Neumeyer, R. Grych, S. Davis, D. Ames, B. Carrier, A. Gore, L. Elza, L. Even, S. Irvin, V. Meadows, A. Niehaus, C. Lammers, J. Irving, L. Benway, J. Carlson, M. Duff, L. Quakenbush, C. Jones, R. Badger, R. Vaught, J. Rogers, K. Barrow, T. Youngblood, R. Marlow, C. Haberman, C. O'Dea, B. Badger, D. Lynch, J. Ross, D. Day, and S. Barley.

You can view the photos larger by clicking on them. This photo shows how the tops and branches of our trees look. There are still many branches just hanging from the trees.

This is the view as you drive on Highway 62 toward Paducah onto Clarks River Road that shows how the trees are bent to the ground or toppled all the way to the ground.

This view as we drove down the street shows how the trees just completely toppled over from the base of the tree. You had to navigate around the trees on many, many streets.

Here is a close-up view to give you some idea of the amount of ice that covered the trees here in Paducah and across the state of Kentucky. You can certainly see why the branches fell - they could not withstand more than 1/2" to 3/4" of ice on every surface.

Thankfully most of that ice melted and fell off on Friday when the temperatures nearly reached 40 degrees. It sounded like mass wind chimes when the ice fell off.

It is a blessing that we all survived this massive ice storm, kept warm the best way we could - many of us becoming better acquainted with our neighbors, and are moving forward. Many of our homes still don't have power but we know the utility companies and many volunteers from utility companies in other cities are working hard to restore our power. There are some major transmission lines down that will take some time to restore.

Thanks to all of you who have sent message inquiring our AQS staff. We are back to work and glad to be in our warm offices.

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