Saturday, February 7, 2009

Convention Center Remodeling Update

Yesterday we needed to measure a space in the Paducah Expo Center and I stopped to shoot a photo of the workers busy on the renovation of the Julian Carroll Convention Center. You can see this huge crane lifting parts of the heating/air conditioning units onto the roof. The parking lot was full of cars and we know a lot was happening there.

We didn't want to interrupt the workers and did not go inside, but the supervisor told us they were busy working on drywall, painting, and ceiling tiles on the second floor. From the front doors, we could see the drywall dust in the air from sanding.

Next week we'll stop by late in the afternoon (after the workers have gone home) to shoot some photos to give you a look at their progress.

The Convention Center will be all new for the AQS Quilt Show in April. The ice storm only slowed them down by two they are still right on target for their completion date.


Anonymous said...

I think that AQS has a responsibility to it's members and non-members that sent there money in last summer, had their checks cashed and have yet to hear if they have rooms, to put a great deal of pressure on those responsible for getting that information out. It's about two months before the show and we are still waiting. AQS has a responsibility here, they need to quit passing the buck by saying the information has been passed on. They need to get this resolved.

Anonymous said...

That's all very exciting....but where oh where are the quilters going to sleep? On the street?

Anonymous said...

I am one of the many who has had a check cashed and seem to be out over $500. Completion of the center does us no good. We have no rooms, seemingly no prospect of getting a room and are out a lot of money. At this time, I just want my money back. I don't really care if Paducah ever has a show again. I have been before and most likely will never go again.

Anonymous said...

What about the renovation to the Executive Inn? What is happening with that? I thought it was supposed to start the first of the year. Shame on you AQS!