Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Pavilion is almost ready...

The AQS and Freeman (show decorator) staffs visited the new Pavilion on Wednesday.
Here's what we saw...

The front entrance has a revolving main door, with a handicapped entrance next to it. These special doors keep the air inside the dome.

AQS President Meredith Schroeder visits with Paducah Parks Director Mark Thompson. Mark has spearheaded the project of preparing the ground and getting the Pavilion into place in time for the Quilt Show.

Billy Schroeder, Rick Loyd, Bill Schroeder, and Troy Holshouser get to see the 37,000 square feet of space in this new facility.

Natural light comes through the top of the Pavilion; there are additional lights hanging around the perimeter of the facility. While there is plenty of light in the daytime, for evening events, vendors may want additional lighting in their booths.

In this photo, work is underway to level the driveway behind the facility. This is the load-in portico that will be used by vendors to load their materials into the Pavilion. When the outside doors are open, the interior overhead door remains closed; then the outside doors are closed and the interior doors are opened - this maintains the air inside the building. Since AQS is the first group to use this new load-in procedure, we have added an additional day for unloading the vendors who will be in the Pavilion. Contact Kelly Meyer ( if you will be in Paducah and want to beat the crowd by unloading in the Pavilion on Sunday, April 18. Load-in will continue on Monday and Tuesday. Vendors should watch their e-mail for more information from Kelly about load-in at the Pavilion.

Today, the concrete pad for unloading was poured around two sides of the load-in portico. This will allow several vehicles to back up to the pad to unload at one time.

They are almost ready to lay sod around the Pavilion. By the time you all arrive, the booths and carpet will be in place, ready for a quilt show. A special quilt exhibit by Kaffe Fassett & Liza Prior Lucy and the winners of the 2009 AQS/Hobbs Bonded Fibers Fashion Show will be displayed in the Pavilion.

The main entrance to the Pavilion is just down the street from the AQS Bus Stop. You will be able to pay admission inside the Pavilion if this is your first stop at the show.

It's almost Quilt Show time in Paducah - have you made your plans to attend?
Still need lodging? Call the Paducah Visitors Bureau at 1-800-PADUCAH and ask about the AQS Home Bed & Breakfast program - lodging in private homes here in Paducah.

See you soon -
Bonnie Browning
Executive Show Director

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