Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ribbon Cutting Today for Dome Pavilion in Paducah, KY

The ribbon cutting at the new Dome Pavilion was celebrated on this beautiful sunny day,
April 14, 2010, at 3:00 p.m.

Mark Thompson, Director of Paducah Parks Services, welcomed the crowd to the festivities. Mark oversaw the Pavilion project and thanked all of the city departments that were involved.

Mayor Bill Paxton addressed the crowd, and acknowledged the many people who worked on a very short timetable to complete this facility in time for the AQS Quilt Show.

Commissioner Watkins told the group that Paducah "gets it" when it comes to tourism and what facilities like this do to make Paducah a better place to live.

Representatives from Arizon Structures from St. Louis, manufacturers of the Pavilion, thanked the City and the crews with whom they worked to complete the facility on time.

M.P. Lawson Construction was the contractor on this job. They recognized the crew members that were on the job from beginning to end.

Peck, Flannery, Gream, Warren, Inc. was the architectural company for the project...and once again they oversaw a project for the City that was completed on time.

Mayor Paxton and Commissioner Watkins wielded the giant scissors to cut the ribbon to officially open the new Dome Pavilion in Paducah. Representatives of the companies involved in the construction, as well as staff members from the American Quilter's Society looked on.

Refreshments were enjoyed inside the Pavilion following the ribbon cutting.

AQS will officially receive the keys to the Pavilion on Thursday when Freeman, the show decorator, arrives to begin marking the floor for placement of the quilt exhibit areas and vendor booths. Vendor load-in will begin on Sunday.

Following the ribbon cutting, I went out the back door of the Pavilion to check out the restroom facilities. These trailers are air conditioned and not any regular porta-potty. There is water to wash your hands, pictures on the wall, and they are very clean.

Just outside the handicapped door is a handicapped restroom, complete with ramp for easy access.

One of the local reporters asked me what I thought of the Pavilion. I can't wait to get it all set up and full of quilts and vendors. No space we ever used inside the Executive Inn will compare with how light and bright this new facility is.

As many of you prepare to head to Paducah, the city of Paducah is putting the final touches up to welcome you. Next week, the city truly does become Quilt City USA! Are your bags packed yet?

Don't forget to take our photo quiz on "How Well Do You Know Paducah?" If you don't know the answers, look for them when you are in town next week. The sights in the photos will be all around you.

Bonnie Browning, reporting from the Ribbon Cutting of the Dome Pavilion at 3 p.m. today


shout4joy said...

my bags are not yet packed, but I'm collecting my gear :)

Judy Laquidara said...

This is exciting for me as a quilter so I can only imagine how excited all of you are . . to have this come together in time for the show. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to get to Paducah. Thanks so much to all of you for the work you do!

Shaun said...

Wow, I wonder how many of Paducah's many homeless people could fit in there, it's bound to be a step up from the "tent city" outside of town where they currently live (because Mayor Paxton spent all of our city's money on THIS tent, and our shelters can't hold any more of the people whose lives have been destroyed by our convention center economy). Define irony: Hundreds of poor people, and their children, living in tents in the woods so that you can have a giant tent to play in while you're in town.